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Bali Regency

Badung - Regency

The Regency of Badung, which is located between 08 degrees south latitude and 115 degrees east longitude, is shaped liked a “kriss”. The Regency, which has only 418.52 square kilometers of land, is divided into sixth districts (kecamatan), 40 administrative villages (desa dinas and kelurahan), and as many as 117 traditional villages (desa adat)...Mobile technologiesRead more

Bangli Regency

The Regency of Bangli is one of regencies in Province Bali which doesn’t have sea area, but that way Regency of Bangli save the number of potency namely human resources, among other things the beauty panorama of Mount and Lake Batur which located in Subdistrict Kintamani...Mobile technologiesRead more
Buleleng Regency

Regency of Buleleng concists of 9 Subdistrict covering 146 village/administrative village and 163 traditional village with width about 1,365.88 km˛ ( 24.25% from wide of Bali Island). Having tropical climate influenced by monsoom and rains of during the month of October until April...Mobile technologiesRead more
Denpasar - Municipal city

Capital of Bali propinsi (province), south central Bali, Indonesia, 40 miles (70 km) south of Singaraja. The largest city on the island of Bali, it is also the capital of the Badung kabupaten (regency). Denpasar was the site of a suicidal battle of the rajas of Badung against the Dutch Militia in 1906...Mobile technologiesRead more
Gianyar - Regency

Demographic / Living Sum up resident(1999) as much 354.530 people, Men 180.760 people and woman 173.770 people. Sum up labor force 225.520 employees, living of dominant resident in industrial sector crafting / diligence, agriculture, commerce, and construction services...Mobile technologiesRead more
Jembrana - Regency

Regency of Jembrana is located in the western of Bali, consists of 4 subdistricts, divided into 51 villages/administrative villages(desa/kelurahan). This area covers more or less then 841.8km˛ with more less than 220,000 people its density 261 people of every km...Mobile technologiesRead more
Karangasem - Regency

Regency of Karangasem with Amlapura as central town is one of the 9 Regencies / town which located in Eastern of Bali island. This regional bill broadly 839.54 km˛ consists of 8 sub-districts : Karangasem, Manggis, Rendang, Selat, Sidemen, Abang, and Kubu divided into 71 administrative village residented by 369,320 people, has tropical climate wih exotic natue view...Mobile technologiesRead more
Klungkung - Regency

Klungkung is of the smallest in Bali Province, but it has potential tourism aspect to developed. Based on the decree of the Governor of Bali Province on 1993 number 528, Nusa Penida in one of with also fixed as a tourist resort in Bali. And then base of the Regency of Klungkung Government on 1996 decree number 284 there are 18 tourist object in the regency inclusive Nusa Penida...Mobile technologiesRead more
Tabanan - Regency

Tabanan regency is one of 8 districts/1 city which have agriculture characteristic, with width of the area about 893.33 km˛ (19.9% from width of Bali island). Administratively Tabanan regency divided into 8 subdistricts, 10 administrative villages, 103 villages, 663 sub-villages, 663 environments, and 374,129 people with rate of growth 0.71%...Mobile technologiesRead more


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